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PRTG Roadmap 

This is a selected overview of PRTG features we are currently working on or will work on in the future.

Please be aware that some of the items may move or even disappear completely. 


working on

Major improvements for PRTG Desktop app

The PRTG Desktop app will support all languages that the web interface currently offers and there will be a "classic" device tree view option to ease the transition from the Enterprise Console.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) cost sensor

Monitor the ongoing costs of your Amazon Web Services (AWS) subscription.

Do you want to try it out? Request a beta version of the sensor at [email protected]

Improved DNS monitoring

Improvements for PRTG's DNS sensor.

Japanese language update

New translation of PRTG and font update for Japanese.

MQTT subscribe sensor

Subscribe to a topic of an MQTT broker for monitoring IOT or edge devices.

Soffico Orchestra sensor

Monitor status and metrics of Orchestra channels and general system health.

PRTG Desktop multi core dashboard

Improved visualization of multiple PRTG core servers in PRTG Desktop



Microsoft Office 365 health sensor

Monitor the tenant health of Microsoft Office 365.

Microsoft Azure cost sensor

Monitor the ongoing costs of your Microsoft Azure subscription

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Support for secure LDAP

The PRTG integration with Active Directory will be extended to support the Active Directory integration with the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol over SSL (LDAPS).

Send MQTT notifications

Publish MQTT messages to a broker for alerting. Allowing these messages to be processed further in the MQTT infrastructure.

SNMP BGP peer sensor

Monitor the availability of BGP peers on compatible devices via SNMP.

HPE 3PAR sensor

Monitor the status and performance of your 3PAR storage system via the API that HPE offers.

Palo Alto sensor

Monitor Palo Alto firewalls

Fortinet sensor

Monitor Fortinet firewalls


Looking at


New RESTful API for PRTG.

Better tables in the web interface

Better tables in the web interface to view monitoring data easier.

Better graphs in the web interface

Better data graphs in the web interface to view monitoring data easier.

New Maps designer

A new and easy to use dashboard editor.

Further authentication options

Further authentication option including ways to use multi-factor authentication or single sign-on.

Azure AD authentication

Authentication support for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

New REST Custom sensor

Update of the REST Custom sensor to make it more user-friendly

OPC UA sensor

A sensor that supports the OPC UA standard and works with more than one protocol.

PRTG Desktop multi core search

Perform a search on multiple PRTG core servers simultaneously.



Release Notes

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Feature Requests

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