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We Have a New Blog: Take a Look!

Today, we have released our new blog!

It has a new design, some interesting features and great content (there's more to come!). So go ahead and have a look! It now also has a comments section, so tell us what you think about it... :)

From now on, new articles will be published only on the new blog.

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2017-Jun-28 in IT Insights

No Paper? Toner Empty? Printer Error? Bored of Grouching Users? Check Our 8 Tips for Better Printer Management

Companies need printers – that’s a fact. And as a systems administrator, you’re probably the one in charge of them. Are you monitoring your printers? If no, then you should read this article and learn why you should monitor, and how. And if you’re already monitoring your printers? Read it anyway, for valuable tips and hints you may not yet know…

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2017-Jun-26 in IT Insights

Why Prevention Is Key to Fighting Off Ransomware – and 5 More Tips to Protect Yourself Against Attacks Like WannaCry

Ransomware is not a new phenomenon, its origins go back to the healthcare industry in 1989. Known as the AIDS Trojan, the malware was spread via floppy disks that were sent to AIDS research organizations and encrypted files after a certain number of system reboots. Meanwhile, targets range from computers to smart TVs and the list gets longer every year. It is now a billion dollar business and all the shady people on the dark side of the Web want a piece of the action. 2016 was a highly successful year for ransomware and saw a massive surge, not only in the number of attacks, but also in their variety. This upward trend has continued on into 2017 with numerous large scale attacks including the WannaCry attack on May 12. This is the largest attack yet, affecting around 200,000 computers in 150 countries in industries ranging from healthcare to public transport. This attack really proves that ransomware has started to take on disturbing and very expensive dimensions.

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2017-Jun-22 in IT Insights

I only wanted a GeForce Titan and two curved screens

I’ve been trying it again and again for the last 10 years, but I haven’t been successful [so far]: I wanted a cool gaming machine for my job as a writer and editor at Paessler, giving me a little advantage for our after work gaming sessions. As I was bringing our administrators close to a nervous breakdown with my regular requests, Nina from our IT-team finally came to me and explained our hard- and software deployment processes here at Paessler to me. And I must admit, it sounds somehow reasonable for me, although they don’t offer GeForce Titans and curved screens. Here is what Nina said:

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2017-Jun-21 in Monitoring Insights

Ben’s Story: PRTG Saved My @ss So Often, I Ended Up Working for Paessler!

Ben Day, a Senior Presales Engineer for Paessler in the US, describes his introduction to PRTG and how it saved his @ss quite a few times. He liked PRTG so much that he ended up working for Paessler, promoting a product that he knows he can really stand behind. Here’s Ben’s story, in his own words.

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2017-Jun-20 in PRTG

PRTG 16.4.28/17.1.28: Please Update!

If you’re running PRTG with a version between 16.4.28.x and your installation has a little problem: It will not tell you that a newer version of PRTG exists. And it cannot update itself. Our fault! We accidentally deactivated the auto update function. We apologize!

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2017-Jun-19 in Monitoring Insights

8 Out-Of-The-Box Exchange Sensors That Will Save Your @ss

In this, the first in a series of articles looking at how PRTG can help Exchange Admins to manage their systems, we look at the continued popularity of email as a corporate communications tool. We’ll also see how PRTG’s pre-defined Exchange sensors can provide a great overview of system health and performance. In subsequent articles, we’ll see how custom sensors can provide even deeper insight into the many components and sub-systems that make up an Exchange infrastructure.

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Paessler –The Eating Company Celebrating One Year of Our Own Cafeteria

We spend a ridiculous amount of time discussing food at the office. “Is it anyone’s birthday and did they bring cake?”, “Is the chocolate drawer filled up?” (yes, we have an official chocolate drawer) and most importantly “What’s for lunch?”.

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Never Lose Sight of the Hardware Infrastructure - and 9 More Tips You Need to Know About IoT Monitoring

It makes no difference whether your boss has only just heard about the Internet of Things and is now on the lookout for new business models, or your customer wants a fully-networked Smart Home with intelligent electrical outlets. At the end of the day, a feature-rich, high-performance Internet of Things will require IT administrators who understand their craft. So, here are ten tips that will help you get to grips with the challenges of network monitoring.

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2017-Jun-13 in IT Insights

A Tech Guy at the AWS Summit 2017 in Berlin

A few of us from Paessler got to recently go to the AWS Summit in Berlin and here are a few things that we learned along with some notes from the trip.

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